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Protect Your Family

Going On A Trip? Tips To Help You Avoid Bringing Home Bed Bugs

Jennie Lucas

When you and your family return home from your vacation, souvenirs might not be the only thing you bring back. Bed bugs loading up in your luggage is a possibility. To avoid a war to get rid of them back home, it is important that you take precautions before, during, and after your trip. 

Before the Trip

It might sound strange, but your trip preparation should start with wrapping your bags with plastic wrap. The plastic wrap helps to ensure there are no cracks or other openings in which the bed bugs can get into your luggage. You do not have to purchase expensive wrap. Garbage bags will do. 

You should also double-check the online reviews for the hotel you have booked. Look for recent reviews to determine if anyone has warned about bed bugs. If there were reports of bed bugs, contact the hotel to find out if it has been treated. If not, consider staying somewhere else. 

During the Trip

When you arrive to your hotel room, take your luggage and other possessions straight to the bathroom. Since the bathroom does not have carpeting, furniture, or other fabrics in which the bed bugs can hide, it is the safer place for your belongings. 

Do not take your belongings out until you have had a chance to thoroughly inspecting your room. Inspect the mattress and furniture in the room. Pay close attention to the linings of the mattress since bed bugs tend to stay there. You should also closely inspect the dresser before using it. When you do bring your belongings back into the room, do not put them on the carpet. Put them on top of the dresser or on the luggage rack in the room. 

After the Trip

When you return home from the trip, take your clothes directly to the washing area. Wash them immediately and dry them on the highest heat the fabric can stand. The water and heat helps to kill any bugs that caught a ride with you. Do not leave the suitcases in your home either. Take them out to the garage and carefully inspect them for signs of bed bugs. If you are not sure they are infested, put the luggage in large garbage bags and tie them tightly. Leave them there for a few days to allow heat to build up and help suffocate the bugs. 

In the event that you were still unable to prevent the bed bugs from coming home with you, contact an exterminator immediately. The longer you allow a bed bug problem to fester, the more difficult it will be to get rid of them.