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Protect Your Family

What A Pest! 4 Steps To Keep Mosquitoes Away This Summer

Jennie Lucas

Summer's coming. Time to start preparing for the mosquito invasion. Mosquitoes can be particularly bothersome during the summer. Not only are they a nuisance, but they also carry diseases that can cause serious harm to you and your family. Some of the diseases that mosquitoes carry include Zika fever, malaria and West Nile virus. Here are four simple steps you can take to protect your family against mosquitoes this summer.

Remove Standing Water

Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water, especially the kind that has already stagnated. To keep mosquitoes out of your yard, be sure to remove standing water before summer arrives. If you're going to be using kiddy pools this summer, make sure the water stays clean. For maximum protection, add a small amount of chlorine to your kiddy pools and replace the water whenever it gets cloudy. It's also a good idea to repair leaky outdoor faucets and to keep your hose turned off when not in use.

Add Natural Repellents to Your Yard

In addition to removing standing water from your yard, you should also add some natural repellents to your landscaping. Adding plants that repel mosquitoes will help keep them out of your yard all summer long. Some plants that repel mosquitoes include citronella, marigolds, and lavender. For maximum protection, add a few of the plants throughout your yard, including along the edges of your home – especially under your windows. To keep your patios mosquito-free, try growing marigolds in hanging baskets.

Cover Yourself Up

You might not realize this, but mosquitoes are attracted to bare skin and sweat, which are both quite common during the summer. To avoid becoming a mosquito's favorite dining spot, be sure to cover yourself up whenever you go out in your yard. First, always wear your shoes. Mosquitoes love to bite the soft area around your toes and ankles. Next, wear light-weight clothing that covers your arms and legs. The breathable fabric will keep you cool while you keep mosquitoes away.

Call the Professionals

If the mosquitoes get out of control this summer, call the professionals. The last thing you want is for a mosquito infestation to ruin your family fun this summer. Not only will your exterminator take care of the mosquito problem, they'll also provide you with additional tips on how to keep the pests away all summer long.

Don't take chances with mosquitoes this summer. Use the tips provided here to safeguard your yard. Click here to find out more!