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When I moved into my current home, I almost immediately noticed the roaches. While the place wasn’t overrun with them, I saw them far too often. For a few years, my husband and I tried almost every anti-roach product available on the market. We would enjoy success for a short duration. However, the roaches always came back. Then, a wonderful thing happened. We hired a pest control company to spray our home for termites. As a bonus, the chemicals used to prevent termites got rid of our roach issue. If you want to protect your family from harmful roaches, contact a local pest control entity today. On this blog, you will learn how to rid your home of roaches for good with the help of a pest control specialist.


Protect Your Family

4 Things You Need To Stop Doing In Order To Keep Termites Away

Jennie Lucas

A termite infestation can destroy your home. A severe termite infestation can be extremely costly to fix. That is why it is essential to know what you could be doing that could attract termites to your home so you can make different choices.

Thing #1: Storing Wood Near Your Home

If you have a wood fireplace, you need to be smart about where you store your wood. You should never store the wood for your fireplace right up against the walls of your home. Keeping the wood right up against your home walls makes it easy for termites to migrate from the wood into your home.

If you have a wood stove, stack the wood for your fireplace away from your home and keep it off the ground. You may want to build a small shelter for firewood that is a significant distance away from your home.

Thing #2: Allowing Deadwood to Accumulate

Second, you shouldn't leave deadwood around your home. If you have a tree cut down, be sure to remove the stump. If you have a dead or dying tree in your yard, be sure to dispose of it properly.

You don't want to leave dead trees and stumps in your yard and around your home. They will attract termites as they rot. Those termites can then easily migrate from the dead trees and stumps to your home. You also want to be careful with tree limbs and leaves. These, too, can attract termites. Pick up tree limbs that fall down and rake up leaves each winter.

Thing #3: Putting Mulch Too Close to Your Home

Mulch can be beneficial in and around your yard. Mulch can help retain moisture and is often beneficial for your garden. However, mulch also acts as a food source for termites. You may use mulch in your yard, but you don't want it to get close to your home's foundation. You should keep all mulch in your yard a couple of feet away from your foundation to discourage a termite problem.

Thing #4: Allowing Your Gutters to Get Clogged 

Make sure you clean out the debris in your gutters at least once a year. If you don't remove the leaves and twigs that accumulate in your gutters over time, they will degrade inside your gutters, inviting termites. Clogged gutters can also cause soft spots in your roof, making it easier for termites to get into your home.

If you are concerned about termites, call a pest control company. A pest control company can let you know anything you are doing that increases the chance of termites invading your home. They can also proactively treat around your home to ensure you never have to deal with a termite infestation.