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When I moved into my current home, I almost immediately noticed the roaches. While the place wasn’t overrun with them, I saw them far too often. For a few years, my husband and I tried almost every anti-roach product available on the market. We would enjoy success for a short duration. However, the roaches always came back. Then, a wonderful thing happened. We hired a pest control company to spray our home for termites. As a bonus, the chemicals used to prevent termites got rid of our roach issue. If you want to protect your family from harmful roaches, contact a local pest control entity today. On this blog, you will learn how to rid your home of roaches for good with the help of a pest control specialist.


Protect Your Family

Opossums Ruining Your Backyard Fun? What Can Be Done

Jennie Lucas

Opossums are pests that can be very tricky. These pests like to play dead to protect themselves. They can play dead for other pests and humans as well. If you see an opossum in your yard and you suspect it's dead, stay away from it. You may turn and walk away, only to look back and find that it's gone. Opossums can be territorial, especially when there are babies present. If you have opossums in your yard, read on for a few things you can do.

 Set Traps

Set a trap or two in your yard to trap these pests. Set the trap where you may have seen these pests, then use a bait of some sort to trap the pests in your trap. Use a trap that is self-setting so the trap will close on its own to trap these pests inside. Once you have the opossum in the trap, cover it with a blanket or a towel to help keep it calm and call a pest control company to get it out of your yard. Don't attempt to handle these pests on your own, or attempt to set them free anywhere. These pests will bite or scratch to defend themselves, and they can pose a danger to you, as they also carry diseases.

Scare Them Away

Making loud noises to scare away these pests can help. You can play loud music, or just get loud to scare them away. You may even be able to use an owl decoy in your yard to scare these pests away as well. Opossums are nocturnal, and the presence of a larger animal such as an owl may help to deter it from your yard.

Remove Rubbish

Yard rubbish that you have piled or stacked in your yard can be the perfect space for these pests to use as their den. Removing this rubbish and taking it out completely from your yard removes this nesting spot, and will deter these pests. They are going to look for somewhere safe to stay, and if your yard doesn't provide this type of cover for them, they may be more likely to move on.

If you have opossums in your yard, they may be ruining your time outside. These pests can be dangerous, especially when they have babies around, as they are very territorial. It's best to leave removing these pests from your yard to a pest control company. Call local removal services to learn more.