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How To Work With Residents During An HOA Pest Control Treatment

Jennie Lucas

When an HOA has a significant pest control problem, this issue can place the community at risk. Infestations can cause damage to the property and the pests can also cause health problems for the residents. However, as a Homeowner's Association (HOA), you might encounter certain obstacles when you try to take care of a pest problem in your HOA.

The Threat of a Pest Control Infestation

When there is a pest control problem in your HOA, the pests might spread from one unit to another. This is especially a problem when a resident refuses to allow their unit to be treated, as this can cause the infestation to become much worse. Pests often contaminate food and can attract other types of pests.

HOA Pest Control Requirements

If you are not sure whether you are responsible for handling pest control, you will want to look at the laws in your state to determine what the requirements are. In some cases, you are only required to handle pest control for the common area. However, if a resident is causing a pest control problem, you will want to document it and determine whether the resident will need to have a notice sent.

Depending on the state in which you reside, you might have the right and even the duty to enter a unit to inspect a property for a pest infestation. Then, the right corrective action can be taken to eliminate the pest problem. If the resident refuses to allow pest control services to enter, you may need to obtain a court order.

How to Protect Your Resident During a Pest Control Treatment

While the treatment is being applied, you will need to keep in mind the needs of the residents. If any residents have allergies that might be exacerbated by the pest control treatment, you will need to make sure that the pest control service is informed about that. You might also need to relocate the resident if the property must be fumigated. 

HOA Pest Control Services

When the property will be treated for pests, the pest control service will identify the type of pests that may exist on the property and will then make the necessary changes to the property to prevent the pests from entering. The pest control service will use the best chemical treatments available to eradicate the pest so that your residents can be safe.

Reach out to an HOA pest control company to schedule an appointment.