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When I moved into my current home, I almost immediately noticed the roaches. While the place wasn’t overrun with them, I saw them far too often. For a few years, my husband and I tried almost every anti-roach product available on the market. We would enjoy success for a short duration. However, the roaches always came back. Then, a wonderful thing happened. We hired a pest control company to spray our home for termites. As a bonus, the chemicals used to prevent termites got rid of our roach issue. If you want to protect your family from harmful roaches, contact a local pest control entity today. On this blog, you will learn how to rid your home of roaches for good with the help of a pest control specialist.


Protect Your Family

Termite Exterminating Tips: 3 Things To Know

Jennie Lucas

Termites are a home's worse nightmare when it comes to having a pest problem. These pests will cause quite a bit of damage to a home and can wreak havoc on your bank account in repair costs and fees. Termites are lured to homes that have water or moisture problems and will feast off of the wood that has been damaged from this primary issue. A lot of times a homeowner doesn't know about the water or moisture problem until it's too late and then has issues with water and moisture, but then also has termite problems as well. If you have found yourself in this predicament, there are ways to exterminate these pests yourself. Read on for helpful information.

1. Repair The Primary Issue

You first have to deal with the primary issue in your home. If you still have a water or moisture problem, exterminating the termites will not help anything, as another colony will be lured to your home to feast on the damage that you still have. You need to repair the issue that you have in your home by repairing the leak, adding ventilation to help with the moisture problem, and whatever you need to do to repair the primary issue needs to be done.

2. Remove The Damage

Remove the wood that has been damaged by the moisture and water and by the termites as well. Remove any wood that has holes in it, has noticeable water damage to it, or has termites on it or in it. Remove the wood carefully so that it doesn't cause an issue with the structure of your home. If you are not comfortable with this, you may want to leave it to a professional contractor.

3. Exterminate With A Pesticide

You next need to exterminate the pests from your home. Spray a pesticide throughout your home to kill any that remain, or that are still nearby, as they can invade your home again, or they may go to a neighboring home to wreak havoc. Spray the pesticide thoroughly throughout the area where they had infested your home, and spray the ground surrounding the area, if possible, as well. Allow the pesticide to dry, then spray again the following day. If you continue to see signs of termites, you need to hire a professional exterminator.

If you have an issue with termites, it's time to take action to prevent further damage to your home. Hire pest control services to help get this problem under control.